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MorsePlay is a freeware application that translates Morse code
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MorsePlay is a free program that translates Morse code. I am one of those people who think that Morse code should be taught to every kid in the world. Studying it from a book was really hard and I forgot most of what I learned, but with applications like this, learning Morse code is really easy. MorsePlay consists of a single window with three panels. The top one allows you to input text, the middle one shows the phrase that is being translated, and the bottom one sounds the key to the Morse code that is being played on the speakers. The lines represent long sounds and the dots short sounds. As you may know, Morse code is a combination of short and long sounds. MorsePlay gives you a lot of freedom regarding how you want the text to be translated. One nice feature is that you can specify the length of the phrase to translate and how long the sounds are time-wise. The tempo is the key to the understanding of a message. Beginner users will benefit from setting a slow tempo so that they can identify the sounds. Once the alphabet is well known, the tempo can be made faster. Also, you can pause and resume the playing of sounds through the speakers. In short, MorsePlay is a nice tool for learning the code and it will also be really useful if you find yourself in a post-apocalyptic scenario one day and you have some broadcasting equipment that you can hook up to the computer to transmit your farewell messages on Morse code.

José Fernández
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